If you cant choose

Today was still on the cool and damp side but that didn't get me down one bit.
First thing this morning I went to Target and picked up my prints that I ordered off of flickr - ps... I love that feature! - and hit the dollar store on my way home. I haven't been there in ages and thought a small peak was necessary.
I forgot how fun that place is! I loaded a cart up and left feeling not at all guilty about my little spending spree.
The item I am most proud of are these little baskets. In packs of two I got one of each color! Yellow, orange and pink. I organized a bit and used them all over my craft room.
While organizing I realised that I was running out of labels and tags. An item that is mandatory but one that I don't really like to take the time to do... resulting in me running out when I least expect it.

Earrings, earrings and more earrings! I posted more to my shop - http://teedle.etsy.com/ - and updated the existing ones with brand new pictures. I am still learning my camera and ways to take better pictures... even though its been over a year since I received it!

Remember that list I did a few days back? I am still working on it believe it or not. I must admit though that one of the items is a summer long work in progress. My garden. After a few days of leaving the soil alone I returned out there tonight for a few hours of work. My radish row, carrot row, sugar snap peas, and lettuce group have all been planted. I also transplanted my rosemary, lavender and basil out of their pots and into the earth. I still have my cucumbers, squash and maybe some corn to go.
And while I was gardening away I found these little wee mushrooms hiding in the blades of grass.

And to top this wonderful day off tonight, I went onto ETSY and my cute ABC Pillow was on the front page! How exciting!

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Felicia said...

Hey I don't know about the Flickr/Target option. Can you get your photos printed out via email?

Your new earrings are so pretty! And You garden is looking great. I miss not having a garden this year so I bought one tomato and cherry tomato plant. Hopefully they'll get into the ground tomorrow :)