The joy of...

I happily was in the back yard yesterday with a few friends of mine... Mr. Rake, Mr. Shovel, Mr. Rototiller and Ms. Pair o' Gloves. Yes it is a tad late in the season but my procrastination seems to always get the best of me... either that or its my lack of looking at the calendar. I am about half way done, making the finished size about 5 feet by 10 feet. A small version of a garden but it will suit me very well. Very general about plants as well... two tomato plants, two pepper plants, a row of sugar snap peas, a row of carrots and radishes, lettuce, zucchini, strawberries and maybe a few herbs. The rest of my produce will have to come from the Saturday markets.
Kid you not, I am really feeling the outcome today. I think every muscle from my arms down to my toes is sore. I do admit I love this feeling because I know I worked for every ache and pain!
A few items to list on my agenda for today:
  • I've got to get back in the studio and finish my little dresses, make an "Audrey" pillow and make yo-yo's for an upcoming project.
  • Grocery shopping, along with purchasing knee pads for gardening, fencing of some kind and a few more seed packets. I will have to get a few bags of in-expensive potting soil to mix with our wonderful (not really) dirt we have here.
  • Clean clean clean the house! I didn't do any of my cleaning this weekend and I am going crazy the way it looks.

I believe that is everything... I probably missed some things that I will have to run around later this afternoon and try to get done; the story of my life.

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